Muncy Presbyterian Church

Sermon Page 3


    1. I hear Clarke saying that we can surrender too quickly to our opponents

                   because we over-rate them before any contest.

               2. In the area of salvation, there are people who think they have to be better

                   people before they seek salvation or attend church, but that is the direct

                   opposite of the gospel.  We can never be good enough to merit salvation.  We

                   must seek it first.   


VIII. The sad thing is that Caleb and Joshua must also go along with the people to

         wander.  God mentions that Caleb is a man of a special spirit.  Caleb and Joshua

         will be the only two of the current generation to enter the land when the Israelites

         return in 40 years. 

         A. Caleb will have to wander for the next 40 years.  What a disappointment this

              must have been.  To be so close to the promised land and the dream realized,

              only to find that due to circumstances not his own fault, that he must wander 4

              decades. He is not allowed to stay at the edges of Canaan and take the land


              1. We could speculate and say that God desired Caleb to be a testimonial

                  example to the people during their time of the wandering; as well as a living

                  testimony to God’s words as the first generation saw him live as they aged and

                  died before the land was ever reached. 

              2. We can see in the life of Caleb that God can use our disappointments.

              3. Caleb doesn’t protest the return to the wilderness; but trusts that God will

                  once again bring him to the promised land and allow him to enjoy it.  Caleb

                  trusts that God will have a plan for him in that land, even though he is 85.


IX. Caleb would find the dream realized at the age of 85.  He speaks with Joshua later

      and makes his claim still based on the word of God, saying “You know the word

      which the LORD said to Moses, the man of God concerning you and me in Kadesh

      Bernea.” And from there he claims the land promised to him.    


X. Caleb then passes on a legacy; that we read at Joshua 15:17 that we read of land and

     water springs being given to his daughter Achsah.  

     A. This event is mentioned twice, in both Joshua and the book of Judges.  That the

          event is mentioned twice, calls for us to consider it seriously.

     B. John Trapp has written that we can see this in figurative way as the blessing of

          both dimensions of our lives; spiritual and earthly in the granting of the upper

          springs and the lower springs; the living water that is Christ. 

     C. Despite a disappointment suffered, we see that due to God’s grace, Caleb could

          leave a legacy to a young daughter and his family.

     D. May we in our families and as a congregation, do our best to leave the spiritual

          blessings of the upper and lower springs.

     E. The account of Caleb is of a man that maintained his focus and faith on and in the

          Lord, despite a long-term interruption to his dreams.

          1. As we approach this new year, let us have that focus and faith, on and in the

              Lord as we take follow God’s providential will.