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We have been worshiping God since 1834. 
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Muncy Presbyterian Church
10 Penn St (between Main St and Washington St)
Muncy, PA 17756

(570) 546-5205

Sunday School
9:30 am

  Worship begins at    10:30 am            
























March 29, 2015

 Rev. Robert Dunkleberger 




Text: Judges 10:1-5 and Matthew 21:1-19


Title: Riding Into Your Life



Confession of Sin:  Lord, the psalmist said, "Do not leave my soul destitute. Keep me from the snares they have laid for me, and from the traps of the workers of iniquity."  We must seek your grace for we have fallen into snares both of our making as well as the plans of others which have caused us to violate your holy standards.  For these violations we need the finished work of Christ applied to us to find forgiveness.  Amen.















































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