Muncy Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Muncy ​Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Robert L. Dunkleberger.

 Sunday School 9:30 AM

 Worship Service 10:30 Am.

     Order of Worship for

        September 24  2017

Text: Isa. 55:1-13
Title: William Tyndale

Confession of Sin: Lord, we remember the words from Scripture, "They did not keep the covenant of God; they refused to walk in God's law, and forgot God's works and God's wonders He had shown them."  We must also confess that we have, in our own way, not walked in your ways and have sinned against your holiness.  We admit that we need the forgiveness offered to us by means of the merit and finished work of Christ.  Amen. 

We have been worshiping God since

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