Muncy Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Muncy ​Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Robert L. Dunkleberger.

 Sunday School 9:30 AM

 Worship Service 10:30 Am.

                      March 25 2018


Text: Luke 19:29-40 and 22:54-62
Title: Cruel Men of Jerusalem

Confession of Sin: Lord, Thomas Guthrie has called sin, "that terrible thing which God hates".  We seek forgiveness for our participation in sin, for not having the level of hatred for it that we should.  Rather than hate sin, we have at times embraced it and allowed it to influence us.  It has betrayed us, leaving us with guilt and regret.  We appeal for grace based on the finished work of Christ.  Amen.

We have been worshiping God since

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